In the wake of the election of Donald Trump, the need for marginalized people to come together to process and respond to the pain of systemic oppression has grown exponentially.

This tragedy has reinforced a truth we've always known. We cannot afford to continue living in a world built upon the oppression and exploitation of our bodies, lives, and livelihoods.

As our resolve to show up lovingly and valiantly for the struggles that lie ahead has grown, so too have the day-to-day challenges of having these conversations with other people.  

That's why we're sharing this video recording of a past Compassionate Activism online workshop, entitled "Healing from Marginalization with Love and Justice." It offers some of the tools needed to heal and build your capacity to respond to everyday injustice from a sense of wholeness and shared humanity.

In this workshop, you'll learn: 

  • The ways systemic oppression has taught us to deny and suppress our feelings and pain 
  • How to give our experiences as marginalized people the acknowledgement and validation we're too often denied
  • How to skillfully get present to the underlying pain in a way that is not overwhelming and is actually a relief with the practice of mindfulness
  • 3 quick tools you can use to start healing and releasing the pain in any moment 

We hope that these frameworks and techniques will work to give you some of the support you need to get through the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Download the PowerPoint that accompanied the workshop here and the transcript of the workshop here.

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